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At RMK Construction & Remodeling we love helping our clients build the home of their dreams. We enjoy all of the different projects that we work on. As we interact with our clients many times we are asked for some input on whether adding onto their home is a feasible option. In our experience adding on a room is almost always a feasible option. Many times it is an excellent choice! Today we are going to talk about all the different reasons that you may want to consider adding on a room to your home.

Add a Bedroom to a House

When you originally purchased your home it likely provided your family with the needs you had at the time. As you have lived in your home your needs may have changed. One of the biggest changes we encounter is that you now have more children and you do not have enough bedrooms. You may currently have your children crowded into bedrooms with their belongings spilling out of their room. Having RMK Construction & Remodeling add an extra bedroom to your home will definitely make you and your children feel more comfortable in your home.

Room Addition is Cheaper than Moving to a Bigger House

Many people are contemplating adding a room to their home they frequently are also considering upgrading to a new home. Adding on a bedroom or other room to your home is a significantly easier and less expensive project than upgrading to a larger home. Purchasing a larger home adds an extra expense to your monthly budget for the duration of your mortgage. Adding a room to your home is a one-time expense. In addition to that, the amount of money you spend on adding a room addition is less than the amount that you would have to spend to upgrade your home in most cases.

Home Design

Another benefit of adding a room to your home is that you can build the room to fit the exact need that you have. Unless you build a custom home, no home will ever have all of the features that you need in it. You may find a home that gets close to fitting all of your needs, but no home is absolutely perfect. Adding a room onto your existing home will ensure that you are adding the exact space that you need. If you need an office, you can customize it to be the office of your dreams. If you need a bathroom, you can customize it to be the bathroom you truly need.

Handyman Home Repairs in Palm Springs, Palm Desert & La Quinta, California

If you are contemplating adding a room to your home give RMK Construction & Remodeling a call today. We can come out and go through your house with you and then carefully and thoroughly go over all the options with you. Our designers have seen many different homes over the years and frequently we have a suggestion that would be perfect for you. We may have an idea that you have not considered yet. We cannot wait to come out and help you add the perfect room to your home!


Whole Home Remodeling

When the set up of your home is no longer working for you, and you think you may need to move, don’t. Call us to make the home you have, the home you want!

Kitchen Remodeling

Rarely does yesterday’s kitchen satisfy today’s needs, let alone tomorrow’s demands. With your vision and our expertise, we’ll create the kitchen that’s right for you!

Bathroom Remodeling

While the basic balance of hygiene and style applies to all bathrooms, the ideal space is as unique as you. Whatever your vision we will help you achieve the perfect solution.


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